WildSherpa is the home spot for the outdoor enthusiast, adventure junkie, or a casual wilderness nut. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, price match, and a no hassle return policy why shop anywhere else?

Founded in 2013 we are happy to say we have satisfied over 3,000,000 orders in our years of being in business. Feel confident in any purchase with WILDSHERPA.com. We do anything we can to keep customers coming back to our site.

Made by and for the true outdoor activist Wild Sherpa brings you the top apparel and equipment. From running, to climbing, to hiking, and more! Wild sherpa is dedicated to make sure you have the correct gear for your lifestyle.
Wildsherpa is small enough to give you great customer support with quick response time, but we are large enough to give you the best prices on all our brand new products!
Have a question? Contact us at manager@wildsherpa.com  And we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.
We try our best to keep our inventory updated online. We do have store front as well and many channels we sell our items so sometimes we make mistakes and a item is out of stock.  If that is the case we do offer the next best item at no cost if the option is available or a full refund. We will keep no payment if we can not fulfill a order. Terms of our site that this is know when purchasing.

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