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Elite SU-STA Elevator Gel Block

As much as we might revel in stomping our front wheel onto an aging text book that the bookstore wouldn't buy back a decade ago, it's always good to have something like the Elite SU-STA Elevator Gel Block there to provide some options when we clip the bike in for a trainer session. This light and easily packable block features five different levels so you can adjust the wheel height to your liking and simulate different terrain grades. Its rubber feet keep your wheel from slipping during handlebar-wrenching intervals, and it's designed to attach to your trainer frame for storage or travel so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
Front wheel support for use with home trainers
5 levels of heigh adjustment simulates slopes of up to 6%
Anti-slip rubber feet
Internal design guarantees maximum wheel stability
Designed for both road and MTB wheels