Five Ten Men's Spitfire Bike Shoe

Five Ten Men's Spitfire Bike Shoe

Five Ten, the Brand of the Brave, is a leader in performance, high-friction footwear. From downhill mountain bike racing to rock climbing, from wing suit flying to kayaking, Five Ten makes footwear for the world's most dangerous sports. The Redlands, California-based company has been producing cutting-edge designs and proprietary Stealth rubber soles for nearly 30 years. With the help of top national and international athletes and guides, combined with a world-class rubber-testing and R&D facility, Five Ten is the shoe brand of choice for the world's most exciting athletes.
100% Leather
Rubber sole
Heel measures approximately 1"
Platform measures approximately 1.0"
Biking shoe designed for platform pedals with gripping sole texture and mid-rise ankle