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Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST Wheel Front 700C QR 100mm

Equally adept on fast, rolling roads or mountain terrain, the Ksyrium Pro UST delivers comfort and performance for a variety of riding conditions. Key updates include a UST tubeless compatible rim. When combined with our new 25mm Yksion Pro UST tubeless tires, the result is an 15% increase in rolling efficiency at equal tyre pressure. Or 5% rolling resistance improvement with 1bar /15PSI lower pressure to get extra comfort and grip.
Road UST WTS by the inventory of Tubeless. Lowest rolling efficiency. Best pinch flat protection. Highest safety with easiest mounting.
Light and nimble alloy rim. Multipatented ISM4D brings rim weight and intertia to a level that is out of reach of Mavic's competitors, for unsurpassed climbing and descending abilities. Superlight Zicral spokes.
Strong and stiff. Fore drilling makes for a solid rim/spoke connection while ensuring high rim stiffness and perfectly sealed rim bed for simple tubeless compatibility. Zicral spokes add stiffness while reducing weight.
Other major updates include redesigned lighter hub shells, the implementation of our fast engagement Instant Drive 360 hub and new automatic adjustment of the bearing preload for long terms smoothness with no lay.
Each part of the rim is precisely machined using just the right amount of material to provide stiffness and strength, while maintaining weight at only 400g. All in all, the total wheel weight is down to an impressive 1420g.