Silic1 X-fit Bar Tape Handlebar Tape 100% Pure Silicone with Aluminum Bar Plugs

Silic1 Bar Tapes provide the same comfort in all kinds of weather.
Our technologies support the strong surface with an outstanding shock-absorption, excellent control, and great user experience when riders go on the track.
Come and try Silic1 Bar Tapes, enjoy your ride whole the time.
Package Content:

Silic1 X-fit Bar Tape x 2pcs 
Silic1 Aluminum Bar Plugs x 2pcs
Electrical Tape x 2pcs

Product Dimensions:
3.0mm x 30mm x 2000mm
Thickness Check With The X-Fit Pattern:

Unstretched:Diamond Patterns (3.0mm Thickness)

Stretched:Square Patterns (2.5mm Thickness)

Washable, Reusable, and No Adhesive Needed, with 100% Pure Silicone.
Increased Shock Absorption with Unique Technology.
Fits All Handlebars: (Thick) 3.0mm X (W) 30mm X (L) 2000mm.
Thickness Check with the X-Fit Pattern.
High Quality Bar Tape Made in Taiwan Including Aluminum Bar Plugs.