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Topeak Mountain TT Twin Turbo 120psi/8.3bar Pump

The Mountain TT Twin Turbo pump is small enough to go with you on your ride, but powerful enough to fill both large volume fat bike tires and higher pressure MTB tires with ease. Its design uses both up and down pumping strokes to compress the air to deliver a high pressure output, saving both time and effort. Made from durable and lightweight aluminum, it weighs less than 7oz, and attaches to your bike using a side-mount bracket.Features: Portable and powerful Can fill large volume, and high pressure tires Crafted from durable and lightweight aluminum Weighs 6.77oz/192g Capacity: 120psi/8 bar 90.0cc volume per stroke Presta, Scrader, Dunlop head compatible Includes integrated dust cap and thumb lock lever
Twin Turbo mini pump uses both strokes to save time and effort
Ideal for high volume fat bike tires as well as high pressure MTB and gravel tires
Pump head compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves
Side mount bracket included
Size: 8.7"x2"x1.6", Weight: 192g